15mm Sci/Fi

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This is a series of 15 terrain pieces (w/ 13 removable roofs) in 15mm scale. The set of terrain was commissioned to represent an industrialized off world colony that had "discovered an alien artifact."  The buildings are from "critical Mass games.  I mounted customized, converted, added unique elements and painted it to go with the "desert mat" seen in the pictures.

15mm Sci/FiOverall projectUtility train
15mm Sci/Fi

Overall project

Utility train

"working doors"Orbital laser defence
"working doors"

Orbital laser defence

"Alien artifact"excavating...

"Alien artifact"


will they be friendly?Oil reserves
will they be friendly?

Oil reserves

broken storage"Heavy equipment"

broken storage

"Heavy equipment"

  Deep drill

Deep drill

Landing platform

Landing platform

We may need these parts...Damaged storage shed

We may need these parts...

Damaged storage shed

Power plant

Power plant

Blue home

Blue home


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